Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Few Amps Short

Last night, I flew in from Bahrain and caught the bus back to Mirqab terminal, where I changed to the no. 15 bus, which took me home to Bneid al-Gar.

Far too tired to make something out of rice and cashews, I stuck a frozen Stouffer's chicken thingy in the microwave and turned it on. There was a flash and then nothing.

I tried fussing around with the buttons and got no results. Tried moving it to another room where the outlet worked for the hair dryer--no results.

Bummer. Broken microwave.

I turned on the stove, which is powered by the same outlet.


Tried the coffee maker. Nothing.

Only the 'fridge and overhead lights work in the kitchen.

I had granola and yogurt for dinner. But today I have to find someone and convince them that I need power in the kitchen. Then I have to convince them that they need to buy a new microwave. I use it all the time for bagel-defrosting.

No way am I taking apart a dodgy outlet in Kuwait, with my Swiss army knife. I might try to find the fuse box though.

For now, I moved the coffee maker so I can heat up water. But I'm going to get hungry later. Wonder when Starbucks opens.

Update: I found the fuse box behind a picture on the wall. The fuse was tripped, so I reset it. Now the stove/oven works so I just toasted a bagel the old-fashioned way. But the microwave is still busted. I wonder if I should turn the fuse back off so that I can explain easier in sign language to the maintenance man by clicking a lot of appliances on an off, or if I can just point and the microwave and say "boom" a lot.


Cyrus said...

I think any sign motions involving the word "boom" would be far more entertaining for your readership. :)

Also, have you found out what the Arabic equivalents are for "pow!" "boom!" "bang!" etc?

Steve Buccellato said...

Yes, and Arabic for "SNIKT" may come in handy for mutant comics.

Marie Javins said...

I can't speak German these days. Kaput is going to have to wait.

Don Hudson said...

I think you should use the word 'Kaput' a few times.