Saturday, February 18, 2006

Banking Woes

I can't get onto my bank's website from my apartment.

It's really annoying. Almost as annoying as having no Internet at all from home this morning.

It isn't "banned in Kuwait" because I can still get onto it from work. It looks like my ISP has blocked it.

Can anyone who lives in Kuwait explain why one ISP would block a bank but the other would not? It's a mystery to me. But most things are, so that isn't so surprising.


Anonymous said...


It might be the web browser, I've encountered this kind of thing before. If you have Internet Explorer on your Mac, try using that. Or try downloading Firefox or Camino from Hope that helps.


Jared said...

It's all because Dick Cheny shot some one. At least that's what I hear on the news over here.

Marie Javins said...

Oh yeah, I should have written that I've tried Firefox and IE as well. It's actually a Fastelco thing, this screen... an ISP thing on my end. Maybe Jared is onto something. I blame Dick.

Marie Javins said...

Oh, and one more thing. I CAN get on when I use an anonymous proxy server.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, sorry that didn't work. Personally, I blame Frank Miller and Grant Morrison.