Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Art for Sale

Jeff has posted the Daniel Johnston art that I mentioned on his online art gallery.

$1,800 seems like a lot but Daniel's art has gotten real popular since Jeff Feuerzeig's documentary came out.

Daniel drew this picture of Captain America and his duck army in my Avenue B condo in the late 90s. I colored it with Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolors. I think we drew it on regular photocopy paper.

If it sells, I don't get $1,800--only a small cut. But I could really use it as one of my clients who owes me a few big paychecks seems to have suddenly stopped paying. Unfortunately, the mortgage company, health insurance company, phone company and the like did not forget to automatically deduct their monthly fees from my checking account. I'm living on overdraft, which is getting kind of scary as it increases every few days. Anyway, the Daniel Johnston art will probably sell before my condo does, and certainly before my book becomes a bestseller. I hope someone buys it.

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