Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's Kind of Like Camping

I've made a few modifications to my hotel room.

First, I have a towel stuffed across one door to an adjoining room. Cairo is full of chain smokers, and I seem to have one on either side of me. What I really need are two of those stuffed dachsunds that keep out drafts.

Shannon suggested I set off the smoke detector a few times and blame it on the smokers. Maybe I could get the hotel to move them away from my super-sensitive smoke detector.

Next I have my mini-kitchen.


And in a week, I'm adding Craig's toaster to the mix. He's leaving. Don't worry about Craig's lack of toast, he can use my toaster in New Jersey. I don't even mind if he uses my salad spinner.

And if you're wondering "Is Marie really better off in the hotel instead of in a flat with a nice kitchen," your answer can be had here, in this photo of a typical kitchen in a reasonable Zamalek apartment.

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