Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dime Store Outing

I love the two-pounds-fifty store! The only problem is that it's usually too crowded, thus my attempts at buying fuzzy dice and stuffed happy-face bananas are usually thwarted. The only other place I've seen stuffed happy-face bananas is Coney Island, where I used to win them at skee-ball.

I can't help my interest in bargains. It's hereditary. My mother loves the dollar store and my grandmother used to take me to the dime store when I was a kid. Of course, even then, nothing cost a dime anymore.


Anonymous said...

I too am plagued by the bargain gene. Unfortuneately I end up buying things I think I can use in some very useful way, like a sweater pill remover or just cool looking containers etc. Now I try to think of these places like museums, look don't buy. I've got a garage full of stuff that doesn't really work or I don't really have a use for as I am also afflicted with the inability to throw things away. What if I find a use tomorrow? Can I recycle it? Could someone else use it?
The only store better than a dollar store is a serious office supply store/stationary store. Preferably the Euro style with cool cardbord file folders.... I'm getting too excited.

Marie Javins said...

I had a recent full-on purge during my last trip home. I could have opened my own dollar store.