Sunday, November 19, 2006

Stalking the Wild Pudu

Honest, I didn't mean to steal the nice man's title.

Bob Harris, no relation to my former boss at Marvel whose name is spelled Harras, likes to call his prospective South American travel book Stalking the Wild Pudu. He likes to read and write about pudu, tiny deer that kind of remind me of dik-diks.

Wikipedia reports that: The pudú has been popularized as the mascot of the weblog maintained by stand-up comedian and Jeopardy! champion Bob Harris, who often accompanies pictures of the pudú and other small animals with whimsical stories.

Well, now Bob mentioned dik-diks too on his blog, just the other day. And not to nitpick, but according to Bob's own book and site, he does have a long relationship with Jeopardy! but to call him a champion might be slightly inaccurate. His book, Prisoner of Trebekistan, is about making it onto Jeopardy! but his own website describes it as: This is what it's like to lose on Jeopardy! -- five times, not winning over $3.1 million dollars.

Somehow, that makes me want to check it out more than winning $3.1 million dollars on Jeopardy! would.


Linda said...

I see that he really likes your book! But then, who wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, Pudu sounds more offensive than Dik-Dik.

Amanda Castleman said...

I think the singsong repetition of "dik" makes it childishly charming rather than perverse... Ax.