Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reference Materials

When real estate agents were bringing prospective buyers into my apartment, the first thing they always did was comment on the "tin" ceiling.

It's not really tin, because it's new. Tin isn't legal anymore. It's some other metal, designed to look like tin, which is a fire hazard. (I got it here.)

The second thing they'd do is turn right and look at the bathroom. Which is why I installed a new vanity and re-caulked the tub. The bathroom was the least appealing room in the house.

Then they'd head into the living room and notice the bookcase.

"Wow. You must travel a lot."

I never knew how to answer that without getting into a long conversation that was way too chit-chatty with someone I could end up sparring with (via lawyers).

"Yes. I do. And over here is a faux gaslamp. Did you notice these original Eastlake-style hinges?"

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Marie,
That's quite the heap. Mine doesn't come close.

Never mind I threw many away, before becoming a Travel Writer Proper ... you simply take the Strip Passport Prize for best traveled. Ax.