Friday, November 17, 2006

Collect 'Em All

I am extremely pleased to announce that I am the very first, numero uno, collectible friend of Comicraft!

What that means for the uninitiated (which is everyone but me, Richard Starkings, John "JG" Roshell, and the Bucce who saw this yesterday) is that Comicraft has featured me on a stamp--which admittedly few will cut out, because it would ruin their copy of Elephantmen #5 (shipping next month).

Richard is the person that I hunted down that wooden hippo in Kenya for. Well, I think he's got it a little backwards, because anyone who would plug Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik for an entire page in his comic book is actually a friend to me, not vice versa.

The image above is a little teaser. I don't have the finished graphic yet but I'll post it in December when Elephantmen #5 ships.

Yes, I realize it's the infamous socks-in-sandals shot on that stamp...

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