Monday, November 27, 2006

Istanbul Not Constantinople

I'm on crushing deadlines for a few days so no long blog posts.

Here's a few photos of the Hermitage--the Winter Palace--instead.

The first I took in 1982 with a 110 instamatic, in Leningrad.

The second I snapped in 2001 with an Olympus Stylus point-and-shoot, in St. Petersburg.

In 1983, I was an exchange student to Finland. I lived with Heidi (who reads this blog) and her parents in Karis (Karjaa), about 40 miles southwest of Helsinki. The exchange organization, Youth for Understanding, took us students to the Soviet Union on a field trip. Heidi didn't get to go. It was only the exchange students, not the host sisters and brothers.

Heidi and I both had the same camera. I'm sure she too has a much better one now.

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