Monday, November 20, 2006

Eliza Goes Home to Iceland

I've been following the adventures of writer Eliza Reid as she travels through West Africa.

Eliza writes for the in-flight Icelandair magazine. Peter Moore pointed her my way. Or me her way. I'm not sure anymore, but I've read every entry she's posted during her West Africa trip.

She's gotten a lot of marriage proposals. I haven't gotten many of those, ever. Maybe I should focus on getting to West Africa on the double. (I think Daniel Johnston made a few on the phone over the years, but I always managed to change the subject to Captain America.)

Anyway, Eliza is heading home to Iceland tomorrow. I'm sure she's happy to be going home, but I have enjoyed reading about her grumpiness in Accra, her adventures on public transport, and her bouts of malaria. I selfishly wish it wouldn't end.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to pass along great blogs! I stumbled across your world tour when researching freighter trips (unfortunatly it didn't work out, and I got to my year in Tokyo (where I'm currently live/visitng) the conventional way), but I was completey hooked on your blog and read the entire thing, then caught up with your current life as well - fantastic! Looking forward to reading about your adventures in the New Year!

Dani (

Marie Javins said...

Thanks, Dani! I bet it's really interesting to be in Tokyo. The times that I have been there, I have been quite the bargain hunter. You know, snacking on sample foods in department stores, slurping down noodles while standing at the train station. I stayed in a hotel, but it has a deal with the hostels so it is for a hostel price. That was pretty nice. No bedbugs or gaijinbedbugs though...

Sorry the freighter thing didn't work out but of course they are really expensive and have crazy schedules. It is great fun to travel by freighter but the times I did it the dollar was MUCH stronger. Most of the companies are German, and the Deutsch Mark was 2 to 1 USD at the time, so they were about half price. Now they are more. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Marie!
Yep, I'm back in Niceland and damn, it's cold - and there's quite a bit of snow on the ground.
And incidentally, this was the first trip I've taken with so many marriage proposals - so maybe it's something about the region (or I wore cleaner clothes this time round).