Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fun with Adhesives

Once upon a time—before she went to work for Velcro® in Barcelona, and then moved to China for her MBA—my friend Lynne worked for the company that makes Blu-Tack.

Blu-Tack isn't well-known in the US, but it's a putty-like substance that people in Europe sometimes use to stick things on walls. The idea is that it (in theory) leaves no mark on the wall.

It is also good for sculpting!

One year, back when I did things like this (1997 on Avenue B), I had a New Year's party. Some people came by and somehow we all ended up sculpting Lynne's Blu-Tack instead of doing party things.

The Lawrence of Arabia Blu-Tack sculpture is by Mark Powers. Jenn (of Babc0ck and Jenn) did one of these, but I don't remember which. The other is a mystery.


Elayne said...

We swear by Blu-Tack in this house. I'd never heard of it before marrying an Englishman, but it's so useful! Never thought of it as an art medium, though. Oh, and they do sell it here in the States, by the way.

Amanda Castleman said...

Let us not forget White-Tack: less smurfy smudges!

Ax (who lived in the UK nearly five years and knows her Euro-adhesives)