Sunday, September 27, 2009

Overheard on the Light Rail

I got off the Light Rail in Hoboken yesterday to go to yoga (which I find both enjoyable for the exercise/calming angle and ridiculous when one of the teachers goes on about too much hocus-pocus).

Two guys were walking behind me.

Guy #1: "I don't have an iPhone yet."

Guy #2: "Dude, they're the shit."

Guy #1: "Hmm."

Guy #2: "Dude, they're not just a phone. They're a LIFESTYLE."

I resisted the urge to look straight at Guy #2 and laugh loudly.


John Bligh said...

In fairness to your young hipster retards, the iPhone IS pretty cool looking. I plan to pick one up as soon as it comes to Verizon (which, unfortunately, is the only thing that works where I live) and the price comes down to a sane level.

Dude, the lifestyle...

Marie Javins said...

I'll probably get one as soon as I can find a cheap-enough first gen one to unlock. Not so much to use here, where it's hard to beat the Virgin plan I have (works on the Sprint network which I initially looked into because it worked where my mother lives), but to use abroad with my GSM int'l chips and for the wi-fi. Kind of a super-mini-netbook, I guess.

But what a ridiculous thing to say...

Marie Javins said...

Actually, I might not be able to resist the netbooks. I'm having an internal struggle, where practical/cheap Marie is fighting it out with "love-new-gadgets" Marie.

Marc Siry said...

I'm on the verge of getting a netbook and Hackintoshing it for use on the bus, at breakfast, on planes, and anywhere else I might want to tap out an email with a real keyboard. I'm thinking HP Mini 1000, but I haven't had a chance to swing by and look at one, despite Best Buy being only 5 blocks from my office.

My LifeStyle, err, I mean my iPhone is GREAT for consuming content, but it's not a ton of fun for long form data entry.

Marie Javins said...

I assume you've been reading the same stuff I have, Marc, about putting OSX onto those HP Minis. There are rumors of a new HP coming out which might make them even cheaper.

I went by the Best Buy on 23rd Street last week and slobbered over one for a while.