Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enough Already

All right, I am totally sick of this health care shit.

I have left the country for YEARS before because insurance is so expensive in my NY/NJ that I cannot afford it. Excellent travel insurance is available anywhere BUT the US. Why? There is an endless list of reasons--lawsuit culture, corporate stupidity, for-profit situations, whatever... there are a million reasons, all of them endlessly explained by people far more conversant in the lingo than I am.

I have occasionally rearranged my official housing claims in order to take advantage of better rates in other states. I have used all kinds of loopholes to insure my healthy self, though I have not needed insurance at all, and if I did, well, I'd try not to use it since it means my future rates would permanently inflate.

That ain't right.

I agree completely with articles I've read about how utterly whacked our system is and how it's got to change. I also recognize that change is resisted so utterly in our society that there is no way the system is going to be dismantled and revised, as I wish it would be.

But the way it's looking now, with people screaming bloody murder at the thought that someone might actually do... what? Try to pass some pathetic attempt at helping their sorry asses?

I'm sick of this shit. This isn't really about me. While I will go to any lengths to avoid spending a fortune on insurance, I also have money and a passport, and I know well that people who assume we have the best of everything are uninformed and have never investigated options overseas. If I am sick and can still move, I will get my ass on a plane to go to somewhere that I can get great care and not go bankrupt.

It's not about me. It's about the very people screaming bloody murder and defending... what, I don't even know. People are baffling.


Susan D-L said...

Yes and yes.

When you go, take me with you.

We have this crazy 'through the looking-glass' system that's being defended by the few, the insane, and the hateful.

I'm sick of being treated like a cash-cow for the crime of being self-employed.

Steve Buccellato said...

I don't think people are baffling. I think they are greedy and stupid. But maybe I'm just in a foul mood this morning. Maybe it's all good.

Anonymous said...

I think this is your best post. Ever. Looking at the US from across the pond (the UK) we just cannot understand your crazed hatred for "socialist solutions".

We have he NHS - it isn't perfect but it is a damned sight better than the mess in the US - notwithstanding some crazed Tory EU MP's comments.



Sue said...

Excellent post! I couldn't agree with you more. It is baffling and infuriating and makes me want scream. So where are the medicare card bonfires if these idiots are so opposed to the gov. getting involved with their health care? ARGH!!!!!

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Only time I was ever insured in the States was when I was at Sony and it's part of their package. Now, living in Croatia, I've been insured for a reasonable rate as part of the government system the entire time I've been here. Healthcare might not be as good here. I don't know the stats. BUT I do know that most everyone has insurance here through the government.

wicked witch said...

Baffling indeed!