Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hippo Food

This is a documented dissection of a candy hippo.

It tastes of sugary wafer filled with Nutella. And some milk powder.

Really. It says "milk powder" on the label.

Helps prevent osteoporosis, no doubt.

This was a pretty lousy breakfast, way too sweet. I got dizzy on the way to the train. Or maybe that's just the Swine Flu.


Pville Peg said...

I still want to know what Baiser-Splitter is. Some kind of meringue-y thing? Or, half a kiss?

Ed Ward said...

Meringue chips/fragments, says the never-fail dictionary.

Wicked witch of the north said...

Just wondering why you called your little contest a "rhyme" contest when you obviously did not care much for the rhyme thing. Poems are great, but ; se llamar al pan pan- y al vino vino.

Marie Javins said...

Oh, did I choose the winner? I must have missed that part.