Sunday, September 06, 2009

Marie's Hair in the 21st Century

A Japanese hair fashion magazine sent a photographer to shoot images of my hair salon last time I went in for color.

And here we are! That's me with the super-white calves and the too-long hair.

Here's a closer look. The salon my colorist has moved to kind of looks like something in Space: 1999. Back when that show was on TV, we knew that all spaceships and stations were white inside, like someone who had spent too much time at IKEA had gone into spaceship designing.


Pville Peg said...

Marie, you really do have the most unusual adventures of anyone I know -- even doing something as mundane as getting your hair colored in a spaceship hair salon.
BTW: I have an idea for your next book promotion. Get people to send photos of themselves reading the atlas with the goofy glasses on -- in an unusual place. You can link to all the photos that you already have of people (and dogs) reading the atlas in normal places.
To all you readers of Marie's blog, the 3D Atlas makes a great gift for the precocious and/or oddball children in your life -- for regular kids, too!

Marie Javins said...

The spaceship hair salon is totally due to my cheapskatedness. I have gone to students for hair cut and color for years, and the last time, I liked my student too much to let her go. When she graduated, I went with her. And so we are at the spaceship salon.

She lives up the street from me. Right across from my old condo. Just a coincidence.

I better write the next book. Argh, the agony.