Monday, September 14, 2009

Anniversary of Sorts

I've been writing this blog for over four years. Which is kind of surprising. When I moved to Uganda in June of 2005, I started this blog "just for the summer."

And here I am four years later, still exercising my diarrhea of the keyboard.

It it's been four years, that means four years since a short stay in a Namibian hospital. Four years since Prince Not-So-Charming ditched in a manner consistent with his previous episodes that he'd described to me. (Note to self: When a man tells you about how he had a motorcycle accident with a girl on the back, put her in the hospital, and instantly lost interest and dumped her, RUN AWAY, no matter how many years you've been together.)

Septembers have been unpleasant since, the "Mondays of months," as a friend puts it. A year ago featured cruel insults from someone I completely trusted. Ugh.

I can't decide whether I should just lay low until the calendar turns or whether I should try to take back September and disempower its creepiness.


John Bligh said...

"The Monday of months"

I like that... It's utterly appropriate. It was much worse, even, when we were young and Summer ended and we had to go back to school. At least, it felt that way until college.

Pville Peg said...

Perhaps you could reclaim September by having it be a time for (gasp) spiritual renewal and/or exploration. Go see the Dalai Lama when he's in town. Join a meditation group. Check out the Unitarian Universalists, the Ethical Society or other liberal faiths. If you don't find anything that feels renewing or worth exploring further, well, there's always next September...

Anonymous said...

Selective memory loss - why can't you use that? I try to concentrate on the positives - the negatives have largely faded into a blur.

Try that - your hurt will just blur into a well, just a blur.

It isn't worth it to remember past hurts. just not worth it. And you are obviously a lovely person - don't bother!