Monday, June 30, 2008

Riding the Rapids

Let it load first! And turn up the sound.


Marie Javins said...

A medical helicopter ferrying a patient from the South Rim crashed with another helicopter, six people dead.

How awful.

Amanda Castleman said...

I just learned what a swamper was, at least in a fire-fighting sense, from Junger's "Fire":

"Each sawyer is assigned a swamper, who pulls the brush out of the way and throws it well outside the line."

Maybe it's an all-purpose Action West term for "second in command"?

Marie Javins said...

Check it out, from But what I want to know if why it means assistant. Will keep looking.


Main Entry:
\ˈswäm-pər, ˈswȯm-\
1 a: an inhabitant of swamps or lowlands b: one familiar with swampy terrain
2: a general assistant : handyman, helper

Ed Ward said...

As in, the one who swamps the place at the end of the day (swabs the floor). Been there, done that.

Is there any way you can keep this video from launching every time I hit the page? Kind of annoying. (Or is it my computer that's doing this?)

Marie Javins said...

Oh there is definitely a way!

Do I know it? uh... let's see...

Marie Javins said...

Whoa, that was easy. Learn something new every day.