Thursday, June 19, 2008

From the Archives: Rafting 1993

So I'm rafting the Grand Canyon for a week starting Sunday. But have I been rafting before?

Sure. There have been trips in Costa Rica, Victoria Falls, and in Uganda.

But those were half-day trips. The real thing was in 1993 on the Colorado River.

I went rafting out west with David Wohl, Paula, Steve Buccellato, and the Other Marie. I think it was a 3-night camping/rafting trip, but I don't remember exactly where we went. It might have been Westwater Canyon. We were close to Moab, and went to Arches National Park there the day after the trip ended.

We all meant to do outdoorsy holidays together again, over and over. But it never happened.

I finally realized that if I waited for someone to go with me to raft the Grand Canyon, I'd never go.

I put up some photos from the 1993 rafting trip here on Facebook.


Linda said...

Nice pictures! I hope you have fun. Stay safe!

chummy's mum said...

How cute is Steve here? :)