Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Street Food

"Marie, come to the food truck with me!"

Roberta had me stumped last night. I'd thought she'd meant the lunch truck that sits outside the construction site during the day. But it was dinner time.

"It's across the street. I'm not sure what it's about... come with me."

I couldn't. I already had dinner plans. She went alone. Then, an e-mail.

"I went to the cart. It's delicious."

Roberta—who is borderline classy—liked food off a truck? This I had to check out. I went to the food truck after work tonight.

Yum! This isn't the Scooby hot dog truck, or Mr. Softee. It's not even a taco truck. It's "accessible gourmet" from an upscale restaurant in Paulus Hook. The food is billed as organic and locally grown.

And it's right across the street on Hamilton Park, from 6-8 Monday to Friday.

I'm so spoiled by convenience. I may never cook again.

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