Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Steve Buccellato and I are working on a sequential graphic story of one of my Cairo adventures. (That means comic book story, kids!)

My own travel stories have been illustrated by Don, Kevin, and Jessica. These stories make me giddily happy, because they combine my travels, writing, and comics—all the things I spend most of my waking hours on.

A long, long time ago—some time between dinosaurs and iPods—I self-published an anthology of comic book stories about growing up. I have several hundred copies of Scorched Birth in my garage. These aren't travel stories. It was my first foray into non-superhero comics. Reading my short story at the beginning of the book, which is kind of personal, I get a little embarrassed. I wonder if I'll feel that way about Curse of the Hippo in future years.

Anyone who wants a copy of Scorched Birth--and who lives in the US--should drop me a line by Friday (Dec. 7) with your name and address. marie at mariejavins dotcom. I'll send you a copy right away, no charge. Just think of it as helping me clean out the garage.


Pville Peg said...

Don't be embarrassed: it's still a great story, told in a sophisticated narrative style of telescoping flashbacks that reveal a gifted writer honing her craft. It's highly amusing -- and, amazingly, actually a true story.
Readers of this blog who haven't seen it should help with the garage cleaning and order your copy today.

Steve Buccellato said...

What a deal! You should at least charge people for postage & handling! Scorched Birth is an awesome collection of dysfunctional drama!

Better still, I think grateful recipients of Marie's generosity should consider visiting her Amazon.com Wishlist! Buy her NEW stuff to fill up her garage!


nabeel said...

i have one yipee - and i dont even live in the states :D!

Ed Ward said...

Wait, I read that book. You're not a superhero?