Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Hippo

How could I have missed this?

For longer than I have been alive, there has been a Christmas novelty song called "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." No one told me! No Jon Babc0ck annual Christmas-mix CD ever featured it.

I heard this song for the first time driving south yesterday on I-81 to my mother's house. Henry and I were both pretty tired by the time we got here—it's a six-hour drive—but there weren't any hiccups.

Hoping for good-hippo-luck for the way home tomorrow too.


Steven R. Stahl said...

Let’s see. A six-hour trip at an average speed of, say, 60 mph, a gas price of $3 per gallon, and a car performing at 30 miles per gallon. The roundtrip would cost at least $72, probably more. Driving to see family members isn’t what it used to be. But celebrating the holidays with the family is great.


Anonymous said...

The Mad Music Show (a novelty song podcast) has these songs with Hippo in the title..


The original Gayle Peevey song was on the Dec 9th show. You can download the show for free from the web site (I think it requires a free registration).

I think you can also download the show via podcast w/o registering. The section of the show with the hippo is http://tmms.mypodcasts.net/upload/TheMadMusicShow102-6_128k.mp3

I highly recommend the podcast... it's one of the few I follow regularly (although I'm behind a bit)

Anonymous said...

The song may also be heard at:


It was a staple of my childhood.

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee.
That was a proud feature of the 2006 Christmas CD!