Thursday, December 20, 2007

Six White Boomers Redux

It's that time of year again! When Santa goes around the world in his sleigh, and swaps his reindeer for six large male kangaroos at the Australian border. You can hear the song on YouTube.

The one Christmas I spent in Oz was ridiculously hot, but I think it's a stretch to imagine Santa happening upon flying kangaroos. Can you imagine a white flying kangaroo with a red nose? As if!


Marie Javins said...

Sadly, the "Christmas Kangaroo" Saturday Night Live video of Hugh Jackman is no longer on YouTube due to a pesky little thing called copyright.

James said...

But Goodness,

Of course Santa's sleigh is flown round Aus by Six White Boomers. Them skinny little reindeer cant be handling the heat Mate.

Would we be having ya on about somethin this important blue.

Next ya wont be believing in the Easter Bilby - none of them feral rabiits down here.

Have a Bonza Chrissie and a corker of a New Year

Marie Javins said...

You just spoiled my Easter post! (Though fortunately, no one up here knows what a bilby is.)