Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Plan/Plan A

I'm leaving on Thursday night for 2-3 months in Cairo.

"Stay as long as it takes," says one boss.

"You need to be back in September for our US edition press check," says the other.

I'll aim for the latter, but am only buying a one-way ticket. It's cheaper to buy two one-way tickets rather than paying fees to change my return date late. I can get good last-minute fares through an aggregator that Ed Ward tipped me off to.

Here's a list of important things I'm taking to Cairo:
    -stupid hat
    -specific brand of toothpaste for a friend
    -books and training DVDs on Maya software for another friend
    -Cat Butt bubble gum
    -Lonely Planet Jordan
    -Lonely Planet Israel
    -my Pixelvision--rare children's video camera--to post to experimental director Thanos (he lives in Europe) when I change planes in Frankfurt.
    -bag of granola (breakfast cereal is insanely expensive in Cairo)
    -a pound of flavored coffee (ditto)
    -candy bacon
    -pork salami

Clearly, my priorities are in order.

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