Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Packing Blog

Cleaning... packing... an hour until the $25 airport taxi shows up.

There's no way they'll let me get all this luggage onto the plane without making me pay extra. I have software books for Muneer, comic books for Kareem, a Wacom tablet for the production department, heaps of paperwork for myself.

And the JC post office decided to make my life miserable. For reasons unknown, they decided to start issuing address corrections and forwarding orders to a box that I used in 2005 when I was in Africa. Except that I didn't use it, because the JC post office couldn't see fit to follow my forwarding order. I paid for it, the box sat empty, Roberta and Yancey both checked it occasionally to find nothing, and my mail all went to my tenants, who threw it in a bag.

And I discovered this morning that my mailing address had inexplicably changed on all my credit cards, my AAA membership, and anything remotely official.

So I've spent all day on the phone, while also trying to pack and clean.

50 minutes to the taxi. I think I'll be okay. I'll spend it rearranging the luggage so that the bags are not obviously overweight.


Sara Kocher said...

So someone at the post office stuffed your forwarding order into a giant pile in a box, where it sat until they finally processed it two years later (ignoring any start and stop dates you provided, of course). Nice. We have the best postal service evah.

My own two favorite experiences are: 1) When my payment checks to two different credit card companies took six months to deliver. A problem compounded by my bank, which honored them despite stop payment orders. And 2) when the PO delivered a box of holiday presents from my sister to a neighbor a few blocks away. He didn't notice it (thought it was just another box of whatever his business sells) until February. Meanwhile, the PO told my sister that she had no recourse and they had no idea what happened to her package.

I now treat the PO like a Roulette game stacked in my favor. Things will probably arrive, but I don't rely on them if it's vital.

Marie Javins said...

Somehow, I'm at Newark. Being an honorary semi-Egyptian seems to have helped me twice today.

I'll write about it from Frankfurt. As for the post office, what can I say but GRRRRRR.