Friday, June 16, 2006

Startling Junk Mail

I'm on a travel junk mail e-list, and I cannot seem to get removed from it.

Normally, when this "newsletter" comes in, I hit "delete." But this one had a headline: Watching the World Cup from Kampala, Uganda. It came complete with this line: Courtesy of SN Brussels Airlines Bavarian beer had been flown in for the event and a resident German butcher provided authentic Bavarian ‘Weisswurst’ and ‘Leberkaese’ with mustard from the old country and a potato salad, which could have come straight from the Munich ‘Oktoberfest’.

I laughed. I know that butcher! We had "pancake soup" at his house once. I used to run into him at Garden City Mall, sipping cappuccino in the early afternoons. It took me back, for just a minute to the giddy days of summer, 2005, in Kampala, when living in Africa was a great adventure full of promise.


Ed Ward said...

That ain't "pancake soup!" That's Bouillon mit Flädle!

Marie Javins said...

The good news is that because it's really just Bouillon mit Flädle, it was the easiest thing ever to replicate it in the (dis)comfort of our own home in the middle of the jungle... as a kind of "Bavarian surprise" later. (Though one may justifiably ask: "Why on earth would you bother making a nice surprise for such a ungrateful person?" Hindsight, you know. Still, I was pleased with the results, and it was a nice change from perfect steak every night.)