Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Publicity Ops

I'm responding to an email from the publicist who will work with me on Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik.

She has her own list of places to contact, and I'm sure it includes all major US travels mags, major newspapers that cover travel books, and literary outlets.

I'm supposed to respond with my own ideas. So far I've mentioned these:

-Heidi MacDonald's The Pulse
-Warren Ellis
-a Uganda monthly magazine called "The Eye" that reviews Uganda-related books
-the Intrepid Travel newsletter
-my local paper (extremely local as the NYTimes seems somewhat ambitious, not to mention I'm sure the publicist knows of its existence)
-the Staten Island Advance (who printed a lovely article on was a cub reporter there when I was 19).
-QE2 and Cunard (it was part of my trip)
-getting an excerpt on Amazon
-getting copies to Australian papers (Peter Moore supplied a great quote for the back cover)
-UK's Wanderlust magazine.

Does anyone have any useful ideas aside from the totally obvious? Of course I'd like to spill the untold backstory to an international audience on Oprah but I think I lost her number.


Randy Lander said...


This seems like the kind of thing that might interest someone over at Boing-Boing ( Not sure what their audience is like, but I think it's pretty substantial.

Cyrus said...

I know those folks.

Secondly, I'd love to review the book -- or get a copy if you want me to blog about it?