Monday, March 20, 2006

Googling Oneself

Okay, it makes sense that if you type "Marie Javins" into Google, you find me.

And it makes sense that if you google "No Hurry In Africa," you find me.

I can see why the following searches will lead you here:

city bus Kuwait



But these searches also bring you to me, and I think they are kind of a stretch:

the illnesses of malealea

sexy pvc jpegs

yellow greasy fluid leaking from Volvo

The last one is completely bizarre. I have certainly never written anything about yellow greasy fluid leaking from anyone's Volvo.

But my favorite? Go to Google Images and type in (without quotes):

gorilla butt

You get to I'm so proud.


Steve Buccellato said...

Of course, you must realize that you have opened up a can of worms. You and your "gorilla butt..."

Steve Buccellato said...

...Just askin' for trouble!

Linda said...

Yellow greasy fluid... so weird I looked it up... takes me to your archive of October 2005 which has all the words on the page, but not together.
"...greasy water all over your windshield. And they’d want some money in exchange for this “service.” ... You could squirt a little washer fluid..."
and farther down the page are the other words. Gives you a little insight into search engines.
And pity the guy who just wants to know what's wrong with his Volvo - Google is sending him on a merry chase.