Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dik-Dik Stalking

I've just finished a coloring marathon and now I can get back to book-writing.

The book—for those of you who just tuned in via Warren-telegraph—is called Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik. It's me going from Cape Town to Cairo in 2001, over 4 months. I sneak in bits from Africa, 2005, when I can, and actually start it with Curse of the Hippo.

What is a dik-dik? It's an animal, a chihuahua-sized antelope. And I didn't stalk it so much as it stalked me.

Here is what a dik-dik looks like:



Ed Ward said...

The Hall of Horns at the Lone Star Brewery in San Antonio has a mounted dik-dik head. I always thought "Oooh! Mighty hunter!" when I saw it.

Sorry. I'm in Texas now, thinking Texas thoughts. I should probably go find some Chinese food or something to cure myself

Linda said...

Wow, your new book is already listed on Amazon!

The dik-dik is really cute.