Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Deed Is Done

I've just purchased a ticket from London to Barcelona for April 4-10.

I'm pretty happy about it. It's warm there and I won't have to waste time figuring out my way around. And I won't be lost without a map or guidebook. And I can stumble around with some vague comprehension of what is happening around me due to my expertise-of-a-6-year-old mastery/butchery of the Spanish language. Which only helps a little in Catalunya, but that matters little when you're trying to order off a menu.

I didn't book a flat or hotel yet though. Flying into Barcelona means I can stay in either the city itself or on Costa Brava or Costa Dorada. And there's some amazing deals up north on Costa Brava. Anyway, I have the ticket, and that's the thing that gets scarce. Beach hotel rooms in April are not hard to come by.

I have a lot of book to panic over, but I hope I get time to go up to Girona to check out the latest in caganers, those little statues that go in the Christmas nativity scenes in Cataluyna. Last time I bought the Fidel Castro model. I shit you not.*

*Sorry, bad joke.

1 comment:

chousas said...

"Which only helps a little in Catalunya"

Hmmmm We speak catalan and spanish with no distinction... (and surely the waiters will be from South America)(and surely too, your spanish is better than my english XD).

"Beach hotel rooms in April are not hard to come by."

Think about it... Those days there are some festives (Semana Santa), and a lot of people will have a week of holidays.

Bye! :)