Saturday, June 28, 2008

But It Looks Like Home

I'll be home soon. I just have to go through the five bucks burning a hole in my pocket first.


Amanda Castleman said...

Welcome back (kinda almost). Can't wait to hear all about the canyon! Ax.

Marie said...

Thanks, Ax. Have you ever tried to find a cheap meal in Vegas that doesn't help cause a heart attack? It's really hard. I am sure that high-end restaurants have healthy food, but down here in the trenches, it's a lot of burgers, pizza, and steaks. And forget portion control. Everything comes in only two sizes-huge and massive.

And just now, I paced the entire airport looking for something decent to eat. It came down to Starbucks sandwiches in thick bread or an iceberg lettuce salad with pecans and cranberries. The salad won but I bet I will end up starving on the plane.

Normally, I'd just smile and eat a burger, but I ate so much crap on the rafting trip that I need to back off of junk. The guides were always shoving salty snacks at the passengers, so that they'd retain water and not dehydrate. I ate all the snacks offered, cuz the first night I ended up with a terrible dehydration headache and considered it a lesson learned.

Susan Daigle-Leach said...

Marie, last time we were in Vegas (May '06) we had the same situation. Either cheap and bad or expensive and good. On the Strip, anyway.

Hope you had a good time on the trip, despite salt overload. I waved at you from Prescott. ;-) Sorry it's so freaking hot in AZ right now. That's June for you. (Also July, August, September...)

Marie said...

It was like "Do I want bad pizza, a Fatburger, McDonald's, or a massive steak?" ridiculous.

Had a fantastic time, but a little discombobulated right now.

Maybe I better drink some coffee. That's a good start.

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't hate on Fatburger. There's one of those fine establishments in J.C. Mmmmm... greasy.


Amanda Castleman said...

OK, don't hurt yourself laughing, but I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO VEGAS.

I'd blame this on 8 years in Europe, except I've been back for four now...

Must say: I'm not in a rush after your description of the diet there. Maybe I could live off cocktail garnish?