Sunday, July 07, 2013

Finished at Last

Okay, not totally finished. I have to saw off the top of the bolts and pop the caps onto the toilet, give the floor a once-over with a cheesecloth, wait a few days, spray on sealer, wait a day or so, and caulk. And there's a Home Depot plumbing section with my name on it. I just bought a new Fluidmaster 400 after the water company tore up my street, turned off the water, sent me sludge when they turned it back on, and gummed up the works. But that didn't survive my annoyed toilet removal for this project, when I couldn't get the bolt off.

It's wonderful to have indoor plumbing back, even if I have to flush with a bucket for the moment. The people at the gym were probably wondering why I was suddenly attending so devoutly.


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I tink I wuv you. Please send picture of your truck. Don in Alabama

Marie Javins said...

My beautiful truck is a 1990 Ford Taurus matte-finish charcoal-colored sedan, currently with a pedestal sink in the trunk.