Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Market

Yesterday, I'd tried to buy fresas (strawberries), but could find none in town.

There were so many a few days ago, all smallish and local. I'd bought a bunch for 10 pesos. But now, I spotted none in the market or in the greengrocer's shop.

"No fresas?" I tried asking.

"No. Jueves," said the fruit-seller I'd bought them from last time.

So we'll have strawberries on Thursday, apparently. Or maybe they thought I was asking for eggs. My Spanish accent isn't exactly accurate.

Last night, I'd wondered if I'd have to add "The windows leak and create a small flood" to my vocabulary. I'd grabbed towels and soaked up the water on the kitchen floor after a dramatic thunderstorm with high winds had suddenly soaked my toes. But I think it was just the wind and the angle. This happened once at my place at home, and the leak hasn't happened since.

Today, I found my fresas, along with every dollar-store item I might ever want. Not sure I'll go back to the Tuesday Market, but it was fun. A lot like similar markets all over the world.

Or the dollar store.

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