Monday, July 01, 2013

The Update

Here's the current state of the bathroom floor.

I've cut the HardieBacker to fit all but the last patch under the toilet (which will also need a hole cut in it). I placed the marble threshold and it's held up by a chisel at the moment. Today, I spent the morning prying and tugging out wedged-in chunks of mortar.

Tomorrow I have to master getting that strip of caulk-y guck off the bathtub so I can make it look clean and new after it's tiled. And I need to learn how to cut the tile around the toilet flange.

Then I get to pull up the toilet and put down the backer board and threshold. Always something new to learn, another step I'd overlooked. How to cut tile in a circle? I have no idea. I will find a way, probably on YouTube.

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