Thursday, May 14, 2009

Relic from 1991

Steve posted this on Facebook. Wow... I remember when 30 seemed old.

This was the invite he drew for a party that the Other Marie, Otis, and I had in 1991, when we lived on Mercer Street in Jersey City. Steve drew a lot of cool party invitations back then. He probably still would if we still had parties.

The last one I had was (I think) when I turned 40. I don't think I had any more parties after that. I'd say I'm not sure why, but I know why. I got all whiny for a while after a series of setbacks and didn't feel very party-like.

Maybe it's time to throw more parties.

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Linda said...

Throw an unbirthday and invite all the folks who have been 39 for years. Or looked it.