Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cooking with Zora

Last time I saw Zora, we couldn't figure out how we'd met. I think we met through Amanda, but it might have been some other travel writing thing. Perhaps we were both e-mailing back and forth over contributing to the same book or something. Anyway, we had lunch and now I see her sometimes at a cool dinner party in Astoria.

A while back, Zora send out a link to her online cooking lessons. I'm slack... I just got around to looking now.

This is so cool. Zora is teaching me (and anyone who wants to watch) how to cook online! Check it out.

1 comment:

Zora said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Marie!

(And I think it was Amanda who introduced us...even though, uh, I've never actually met Amanda. Confusing!)