Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Digs

We've downsized at work in the NY office. We've left 3,000 square feet—which rather inconveniently flooded the week before we moved out—into 130 square feet.

Things are kinda tight and the move was stressful. I scared my two colleagues a little the first morning in our new serviced office,because I was so annoyed that there were people in my office. How dare they? I'm trying to concentrate here.

But it's all kind of funny and I'm over my throwing things phase and well into trying to figure out how to fit two large printers into the room. And then how to network them both onto the router.


Linda said...

At first I thought 130 square feet must be a typo. Then I looked at the photo.

Matt Hollingsworth said...

Throwing things? DIVA!