Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day at the Silver Mines

Here's a little footage of our January 2 trip down into the Potosi silver mines.

Please pardon the shakiness. I have a hundred dollar palm camera. That might have to change whenever I undertake a more serious expedition.


Anonymous said...

It's dark in there! The shudder wasn't too bad.

I've started using the "Deshaker" plugin for VirtualDub and it really helped some of my videos. The software smooths (or removes) movement at the expense of some edges of the frame.

Not sure if a similar tool is available for the Mac, but there probably is.

Unknown said...

I think the upgrade of iMovie in iLife 09 has a feature that smooths out shakes.

BTW Marie I was impressed by the sound quality in the mine - was that the camera or your nifty sound recorder?

Marie Javins said...

I'll have to get the new iLife. I have the previous version.

I think the sound quality was a byproduct of being underground. It was just the camera which usually has poor sound quality. If I have room, I'll throw my Zoom H2 in and bring it along for you to play with. I think you'll love it. My only complaint about the Zoom is that it needs some kind of holster since my hands are busy operating the camera.