Monday, February 09, 2009

Convergence Con

It's been years since I enjoyed a comic book convention, but the New York comic book show was a hoot this year.

And in a strange moment of convergence, the NYC comics show was in the convention center on the same weekend as one of the major travel shows. It was like the weekend had been created just for me.

The travel show was pretty slow, just two halls full of people handing out brochures, a few stages, and the excellent travel videographer Sonja Stark hanging out with my pals at It seemed like fewer publications were represented than usual and the activities were definitely downsized from past years. I suppose this could be a reflection on the economy.

But if the show is any indication, my other industry is going strong.


Linda said...

Amusing pictures! I especially like the one with the little kid.

Marie Javins said...

A friend from college wrote this to me after seeing the photos:

"Sometimes I think you have the coolest job in the world. Then other times I think you have the worst job on the planet."