Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Never Been the Most Normal Life

I spent the day in London, mostly in my hotel room or browsing in phone stores. My GSM Siemens MT50 was used and old when I bought if for 12 pounds in 2005. Mr. Fixit, my colleague in Kuwait, has been on my case about buying a new phone for so long that he didn't even bother asking this time. He had a helper inform me that the mandoub picking me up at the airport would also bring me a phone for use during my week-long stay in Kuwait.

Why, you might wonder, am I off to Kuwait?

Actually, you probably aren't wondering at all. My employer is in Kuwait. I have lived in Kuwait in the past. Me going to Kuwait is utterly normal.

Except it isn't. I'm not going to Kuwait just to go to Kuwait. My company is opening a theme park, branded with their superheroes. I'm going to help out however I can, which will probably involve commissioning last-minute art, and then I'll be interviewed by the BBC. And presumably will end up on more Frontline footage. Though the last footage hasn't been seen yet, except by the documentary maker, Sven, and me.

My not-so-secret goal is to get sick on the Tilt-A-Whirl, all over a superhero. But then, that wouldn't be so nice to the poor guy wandering around the park in the costume, now would it?

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