Monday, May 12, 2008

Video Puppets On My Side

"Please please please let the video puppets say dik-dik!"

Amanda had mentioned MariesWorldTour in a piece she'd written for a lifestyle-type website. A fact-checker from an ad agency checked with me a week later.

"How do you pronounce your last name?"

Lucky for me, the man was named David.

"The -avi- is like in David, not Javits."

(In 4th grade, the gifted and talented teacher sat me down and lectured me that I said my name incorrectly. I didn't know about the David trick then, so I'd just said "It's Jay-vins, not Jaaa-vins." I probably wanted to cry. I had no defense as she pointed at my name and cited some imagined rule of grammar. But I digress.)

Sadly, the thorough video puppets did not utter the dirty-sounding but utterly innocuous word, dik-dik. But they were kind enough to say my name right. Check it out.


Linda said...

Well, I heard them say your name so congratulations on that. But their site doesn't work on my browser. The audio keeps looping but the text box won't scroll so I can't read the article! Well, after all, it's MSN...

Kel said...

glad they said your name right, but i gotta say, those video puppets kinda creep me out.

Marie Javins said...

They are creepy, but they kind of grow on you. "What dopey thing will the video puppets do next?"

Anonymous said...

on man da internet is a scream! i don't know how we everlived w/out it!
as 4 ur 4th gr teacher --oye F@^$#N VEY !!!! AS A TEACHER MYSELF I TRY 2 REMEMBER 2 CHECK MYSELF &NOT DO WHAT UR RIDICULOUS 4th gr teacher did . look it how long ago that was & u still remember ! i actually make it a point 2 try & correctly pronounce kid names cause ur name is very important! now i digress....oh & I like da new website...PB