Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Better Really, REALLY Late than Never

I gave iWeb a try to make myself a new site, using a canned template.

Those of you who remember the ancient being up for years will probably be relieved that the old one is finally gone.

I'm still working on the "Works" section, trying to figure out the best way to post some samples. It's not quite working yet.

Let me know what you think!


Peter Moore said...

I am VERY disappointed that you didn't go for the travel theme - I mean, you are a travel writer and it even has faux passport stamps and a picture of the leaning tower of Pisa incorporated into it!


Don Hudson said...

Instead of the Penguin, you should have used a shot of you on a camel. And I like the mustard color BG.

Marie Javins said...

Peter, I'm trying to branch out into, um, orange flower writing.

Don, don't you think I already plastered myself across the site enough??

Anonymous said...

You cropped the sock & sandals!

Sara Kocher said...

I like the combination of the slightly girlish flowers with the orange and earthtone colors, but I'm not wild about the spacing between the graphics and the text elements in this template. I like the succinct resume, impressed that you can summarize an interesting and varied career in just four short paragraphs. Nice photos.

But why no link to the famous wall of cows web site?

Yasir Khan said...

Love the pic. Very intrepid-world-traveller-esque. Why no comics? And I'm all for artistic freedom, but I think you can do with a better font.

Kevie Metal said...

I like it! I agree that the part where your name is looks maybe a little clunky, but I like the overall design. Much more distinctive than most template stuff I've seen.