Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Defeated...for Now

I've given up on using my tax rebate on flying to the Caribbean.

Armed with a guidebook and map, I started northwest and worked my way through the islands, checking the American Airlines website to see what destinations I could get to this weekend on my miles.

I found a half-dozen places, and started digging around on hotel sites. But there are a lot of islands in the Caribbean, and I was baffled in short order. Some places were simply too expensive. Others, I couldn't tell if I'd need a form of transportation or not. Zora recommended Cancun, but there were no seats available to Cancun. Sara mentioned Bermuda, but hotels turned out to be insanely expensive there. St. Lucia looked most promising, but shouldn't I go for a week if I go there? The Dominican Republic was do-able, but hotel reviews on TripAdvisor scared me.

After three hours spent chasing possibilities around the Internet last night, I gave up in exasperation. I'm so tired of looking that even Atlantic City sounds draining.

The Hyatt in JC sounds pretty good right now. And it has a pool.


John Bligh said...

How about Bonaire?

I've always been curious about it:


Marie Javins said...

I've always been curious about Bonaire too. I think I'd like to spent about 5 days there.

Linda said...

Come to the mountains of Virginia!


Don said...

My wife and I were nervous about our return trip to the Dominican Republic this past March as well. We had a bad experience 15 years ago on the South coast where the gangsta crowd hangs out and vowed we would never return. However, we have heard many good reports from people we know about the North coast. So, we went to the mid-priced Gran Ventana Beach Resort in Puerto plata and had a very good experience. Also, should you visit the Website for the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, you will learn that the risk of contracting malaria is lowest there. Also, I have little confidence in the comments left by alleged travellers on Websites about their experiences.

Anonymous said...

sometimes just staying in a hotel i town is just as much a vacation as going away. hey ! u'll b doing ur part 2 "stimulate"the economy! nudge/wink
if it is any consolation right now my "carribean vaca" is a long hot shower while R takes care of da bebe. :-)
Paula B