Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Be Glad They Still Care

At the old Marvel offices, there was a doorman that women would go out of their way to avoid. One of my assistants would walk all the way around to the back door since he always had something "nice" to say to her.

I avoided him about half the time, depending on my mood.

"Damn, girl, you sure you don't work out?" That was his classic comment to me. Which he repeated dozens of times over the years.

It must be boring to work as a doorman.

Today, at my current office, the doorman (who I've barely spoken to) said:

"If you had an autobiography, I'd spend a hundred dollars to buy it."

He smiled.

I didn't pause.

"It's only $15.95," I yelled back as I boarded the elevator.


John Bligh said...

Hey! I remember that guy...

That sunuvabitch never ONCE hit on me!!

I am personally insulted!!!

Marie Javins said...

He used to confide all his gal-problems in Big D (y'know, Art Department), who I think also started avoiding him after one too many ear-chewing sessions.

Amanda Castleman said...

Wait, was that the doorman I met last year? The one who unlocked the elevator specially for us? I seem to recall his eyes sparkled at you rather a lot ...

The poor bloke's probably been waiting 14 months to make his move. And you can't even offer him a discount on Dik-Dik?

Marie Javins said...

Amanda, I recall him being totally smitten with you and you being terribly polite though neither one of us had any idea what he was on about.

Marie Javins said...

A construction worker on the street just made kissy noises at me.

How old school! Construction workers are generally better behaved these days.

Amanda Castleman said...

My boyfriend's bemused that I complain about the construction dudes wearing shirts (it's a cold spring here in Seattle).

"Isn't that a little sexist?"

"Hell no. If they're gonna make tons of noise outside my office, they had better be decorative."

Times, indeed, have changed.

Marie, perhaps the doorman was cross-eyed by our collective beauty?

And didn't he give us candy and a blessing?