Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Every Girl Needs a Pocket Hippo

Who needs to go to the Caribbean to write? I'm going to write here at home. Cuz Yasir and Sufia went to Kenya, where they found me a tiny soapstone pocket hippo. The pocket hippo is a well-known cure for writer's block. At least for writers working on books about being cursed by a hippo and then fleeing to Kuwait and Egypt to escape the damn thing.

Yasir wrapped my pocket hippo in Daily Nation obituaries, a piece of black tape, and FedExed it from Cairo. I am thrilled with my pocket hippo.

My only question is this: Should I carry the hippo with me in my pocket, or should I leave it at home on my desk?

1 comment:

Yasir Khan said...

In your pocket, I say. So you can secretly rub it for inspiration. It works.