Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wallaby Week: Sunday

It's Wallaby Week!

As some of you know, I used to live in rural Australia. This was for parts of 2002 and 2003. I couldn't stay for more than three months at a time due to visa issues.

While in northern NSW at Turbo's place, I habituated a wallaby named Abby. (Her boyfriend was Wally and her kid was Joey. Not sure what we were going to do next season. Josephine?) I fed Abby mangoes and guinea pig food.

We also had a family of kookaburras that we fed raw meat to, but that was Turbo's project. The wallaby project was mine.

In the above photo, Abby is nibbling a pulpy mango. Yum!


Kel said...

Is this a real Australian event, or are you just going to be posting photos of your favorite Wallabies all week? I may have some to contribute from my plethora of photos...and does this run in conjunction with Cup Week, which kicked off today in Melbourne?

My mom gave me a children's book about a wallaby once...but I gave it to my ex in OZ...why? No clue, but I'm sure he doesn't have it anymore...

(Oh...and your use of the name Josephine made me laugh...A story I will have to tell you when I see you next.)

Marie Javins said...

'Struth, it's just me and my wallabies. Which is certainly an event, but kind of a small one in the grand scale of events.

I encourage stupid ex tricks too. Why? I don't know. I assume I put trust in people too quickly, or maybe want to give things to people I adore. The worst call was thanking one in my book, one who had transformed from the good, decent person I thought during the writing stage into... well, let's not post it here. We'll talk about it along with Josephine.

Anyway, some things are best saved for the book.