Monday, November 05, 2007

Wallaby Week: Monday

After going through a lot of books on Australian animals, I decided that Abby must be a "swamp wallaby." Notice her handsome "swampee" snout!

In other news, the hijinks on the PATH train continue. Last week, my shoe nearly went to JC without me. Today, the train was so packed that I could barely squeeze onto the car. My hood got caught in the door. I had to grab and pull furiously to free my hood, and when I suddenly succeeded, I accidentally socked myself in the jaw. In front of a hundred or so people.

Which was bad enough, but to make it even worse, I have a cold, so I sneezed in a crowded train. The air was thick with disapproval.

Much nicer to think of wallabies. Their sneezes are cute.


Brett said...

PATH trains are never crowded. It's just that everyone clusters around the doors when there's plenty of room inside.

Still mad after all these years.

Marie Javins said...

Right you are. There was plenty of room at the ends of the cars.