Monday, November 19, 2007

Let's Learn Arabic!

Yasir's blog made me laugh yesterday. He found a warning sign in Cairo that said "MANHOLE" in English. Then above it were Arabic letters that spelled out the same word--not whatever the translation would be of the word "MANHOLE."

Maybe there isn't a translation. Like the names of our comics. We just translate them literally. Except the X in X-Men. There's no X in Arabic so we just write the English letter.

Let's take a look. You can learn some Arabic letters too. Remember to read right-to-left and don't worry about the missing vowels. Think of it phonetically, "N" sounds like "EN," and "L" sounds like "EL."

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Marie Javins said...

The super-clever of you will note that the "N" in X-Men also matches the "N" in CN on the Cartoon Network cover in the previous post.