Monday, November 26, 2007

Things Are Looking Up

This is my fortune from 2001, from a Wat Po (Bangkok) numerologist who gave me nearly identical fortunes a year apart.

He may or may not have some insight into the future, but at least he has a system. Looking at the way he's written the numbers, it looks like 37 and 38 were special, and 39-41 were bunched together for a reason. Maybe that reason was that those years sucked. 42 is looking up.

He told me some things that were just plain wrong: I am spiritual. I am a good singer. He also told me I was going to be famous in my own country "as a writer," will live into my eighties, will have a car accident at 43, will be successful in business, like to travel, and will have two children.

I'm guessing he's a bit hit-or-miss on a few things, but I'm game to go with "like to travel." Amazing that he could pick up on that, no?


Ed Ward said...

I dunno; a blonde showing up at a Bangkok fortune-teller's stand might well like to travel.

Or maybe she just went out for a loaf of bread in Jersey City and got real lost.

Marie Javins said...

Ya think?