Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dik-Diks of the Tundra

What is going on in Scandinavia? Is there a big dik-dik herd that I am unaware of?

First, Eliza covered Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik in the Icelandair in-flight magazine. Now, Dik-Dik has popped up in the May 2007 SAS in-flight mag.

The first one I can explain. Peter Moore mentioned my book to Eliza and now we're e-pals. The second? I'm pleased to see it but have no idea how it came about. You can't even buy Dik-Dik in Sweden, though I can't think of why someone hasn't thought to release it there yet, given that dik-diks are kept as pets in northern Sweden since all the dogs have to work hauling the kiddies to school.

The review writer seems to be a sensible fellow named Evan Rail, who wisely chooses to carry a plastic spoon with him everywhere. I concur! I always have a Lexan trio with me when I travel--a fork, knife, and spoon on a ring.


Marie Javins said...

In the funny search engine results department: Go to google images, and there search for:
dik-dik sweden

I show up 7 times on the first pages of results!

Evalinn said...

Guess I´ll have to go up north to check out our habits I wasn´t aware of... ; -)

Linda said...

Did you see this review? http://www.worldhum.com/books/item/stalking_the_wild_dik_dik_going_solo_across_africa_20070128/

Marie Javins said...

Yes, I've seen that review! I think I like the Swedish one better.

Evalinn, I can't find the Wikipedia link on dik-diks as pets up north now. Maybe it was just a passing fad???