Thursday, May 03, 2007

Right to the Source

Want to help the poor? Drive over to the charity containers at the JC ShopRite.

I stopped by with a bag of kitchen junk that Yancey's last tenant had left behind. I got out of the car, opened Henry's trunk, and pulled out my bag of charity items to toss into the container.

And a smiling woman walked over and addressed me in Spanish. She pointed to my charity items. I don't know what she said, but I could see what she meant. I opened the bag and showed her the contents.

"Kitchen stuff, mostly. A few shirts." I pulled a shirt out. It could fit her.

"I'll take it," she said. Or at least it looked like she said that, as she held her hands out for the bag. I handed it over.

Talk about cutting out the middleman.


Evalinn said...

Makes u both happy and sad at the same time, doesn´t it...

Marie Javins said...

At first I was freaked out, but then thought, "Wait, why not? I'm trying to help the poor. Here's someone who is poor and needs help."

And as an added bonus, there's no danger of my old stuff being shipped to Africa and ruining the local textile market.

mmclaurin said...

I'll let you off easy this time, Javins, but you're supposed to haggle. Point to her shoes and say "for the left one." That's what keeps our economy moving.